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CE Video List

Procedural Instructions

  1. Videos must come from the list of approved videos below. You can also purchase ALTA Videos.
  2. One hour of continuing education credit can be earned for each one-hour video viewed.
  3. Members must record their CEs HERE.

For a detailed explanation of CEs, please view the Policies & Procedures.

ALTA Videos and ALTA Chapter videos are approved for CEs. Therefore, members wishing to obtain CE credit by viewing an ALTA sponsored video DO NOT need to apply for approval. Rather, they may record their CEs HERE.

IDA videos are pre-approved and a certificate is required to be uploaded when recording your CEs HERE. Reflection forms are not required for pre-approved videos with certificates. 

ALTA Approved CEs - Video List - Click on the Author(s) Name for more information

*ALTA does not own copyright permissions to the videos listed below. To view videos from ALTA's approved video list that do not have a link, members will need to search by the title and author in their preferred web browser.

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