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Turbo Start Training

  • 08/01/2024
  • 9:00 AM (EDT)
  • 12/12/2024
  • (EST)
Title: Turbo Start Training
Date: 08/01/2024; 08/16/2024; 09/5/2024; 10/4/2024; 11/08/2024; 12/12/2024
Time: 09:00AM
Hosting Organization: Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) National, Chapters, and Qualified Instructors

Turbo Start contains the five components of effective reading

instruction identified by research from the National Reading

Panel. Turbo Start addresses each component by:

• Phonemic Awareness – following established procedures

for explicitly teaching the relationships between speech-

sound production and spelling-sound patterns.

• Phonics – providing a systematic approach for single

word decoding.

• Fluency – using research-proven, directed practice in

repeated reading of words, phrases and passages to help

individuals read newly encountered text more fluently.

• Vocabulary – featuring multiple word learning strategies

(definitional, structural, contextual) and explicit teaching

techniques with application in text.

• Reading Comprehension – teaching individuals to

explicitly use and articulate multiple comprehension

strategies in narrative and expository text (i.e.,

cooperative learning, story structure, question generation

and answering, summarization and comprehension


Key Features:

• The Turbo Start program was developed for use as an

off-cycle, drop-in dyslexia program.

• The content of Turbo Start is derived from principles

of evidence-based dyslexia instruction and provides

foundational training in five specific components of

reading intervention.

• Turbo Start provides flexibility in the intervention timeline

to prepare students to enter dyslexia services in a group

setting with fidelity.


Alphabet: Lessons 5,7,13,17,18,23,25,26,28

Reading Decks/ISD Deck

Instant Words

New Learning: Lessons 1,19,23,28,33 PA:

Lessons 10,13,20,26,31,35


Q & A

URL/Registration  CLICK HERE
Number of Contact Hours: 4
Cost: $75/attendee - ALTA Members Only

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