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Exercise: How to Make the Best Learners

  • 02/26/2024
  • 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM (EST)
Title: Exercise: How to Make the Best Learners
Location: VIRTUAL
Date: 02/26/2024
Time: 7:00AM - 9:00PM 
Hosting Organization: Reading with TLC
Description: Webinar Description:

In this presentation we will look at how exercise affects our brains. Exercise helps our feeling brain to become more regulated, thus often brightening our mood, making us less anxious, improving our motivation and helps us to engage on the tasks at hand. Exercise also has a powerful effect on our thinking cap or our thinking brains. It helps us focus, and improves our so-called executive functions which helps us take in information and store it. We will see how our moving brain actually is our thinking brain and this is great news as by moving we become better learners. We will see some of the research that has generated so much enthusiasm for adding more time for play and exercise in some lucky children’s school day. We also will see how exercise is a tonic for today’s malaise and how it is especially helpful for those children with a variety of brain problems: Dyslexia, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum. We will see that exercise is truly the tonic for today’s ailments.

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Number of Contact Hours: 2
Cost: $40.00 

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