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ALTA Illinois: Advances in the Screening, Identification, and Education of Students with Dyscalculia

  • 01/20/2024
  • 8:00 AM
  • 01/05/2025
  • 11:59 PM
  • Live Via Zoom
  • 9931



ALTA Illinois presents:

Advances in the Screening, Identification, and Education of Students with Dyscalculia

$25 Members | $35 Non-Members | 2.5 CEs

Dyscalculia is a dramatically underdiagnosed specific learning disability, yet the predicated prevalence rate is the same as dyslexia, 5-7% of the population and comorbidity with dyslexia is estimated to range between 40-70%. Students with dyscalculia struggle to master basic arithmetic processes, including number sense, facts, calculations, and mathematical reasoning. When combined with dyslexia, the impact on being able to solve word problems is magnified. This presentation will focus on the latest research on dyscalculia, its causes, how to screen for it and key strategies for intervention.

Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of:

  • What dyscalculia is
  • Common signs to look for and screening tools
  • The impact and challenges individuals with dyscalculia face
  • Actions and interventions that are research-based and evidence proven for supporting this specific learning disability with a focus on number sense, math facts, calculations, and mathematical reasoning

Sandra T. Elliott, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer at TouchMath

Sandra T. Elliott, Ph.D., is a career educator who has spent over four decades working to enhance education for all students and improve schools and their systems around the globe. She has served as a Special Education teacher, a five-time principal in Florida and Colorado and a district-level administrator. She has held executive-level positions at for-profit education providers and foundations and was part of the EngageNY – Eureka Math team for several years. Dr. Elliott is also a member of the UNESCO-sponsored international EDUsummIT that meets biennially to write education policy recommendations to be adopted by the United Nations. Thrilled to blend her passion for Special Education with math at TouchMath, Dr. Elliott remains an advocate for all learners, regardless of whether their math difficulties are temporary or stem from persistent conditions like dyscalculia. In 2023 Dr. Elliott led the team to develop and release an easy-to-use, fully subsidized dyscalculia screener, DySc.

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