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Helping Children with APD and Dyslexia, Dr. Jay R. Lucker - ON-DEMAND

  • 10/16/2022
  • (EDT)
  • 10/01/2023
  • (EDT)
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ALTA Virginia Presents

Helping Children with APD and Dyslexia:

What are the signs, types, and effects of APD and how can it be treated?


Worth 3 CEs

Many children present with problems, such as difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling among others, which are due to underlying Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). Much of what is published and taught about APD is minimal, leading professionals unable to identify signs that a person may have an APD. Most importantly, what people think about APD is that it is one thing, AN auditory processing disorder.

Dr. Jay R. Lucker has developed a multisystem understanding of auditory processing disorders (note the plural) still referred to as APD in which auditory processing involves multiple systems working together synchronously and in harmony with each other. Students who may be seen struggling to understand what they hear as well as what they read or those who have problems learning new material presented in class and in texts as well as learning skills such as reading, writing, and spelling may actually have these problems because of one or more underlying APD issues.

Dr. Lucker will be discussing this multisystem understanding which focuses on the processing of information we receive through our auditory systems so that we can make sense out of and successfully use that information. He will discuss things we may see in people who have problems which may be due to one or more of the different types of APD they may have. He will also discuss how each of the different types can affect these people educationally as well as in communication and in life in general.

One focus of his presentation will also be to identify what different types of APD affect reading, writing, and spelling problems which then lead to the child having a diagnosis of dyslexia. In this focus he will discuss specific interventions (accommodation and treatments) which can be used to improve the problems the children have.


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