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Facilitating Language Therapy through Mindfulness Techniques (on-demand)

  • 06/10/2022
  • 06/10/2023
  • On Demand
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Facilitating Language Therapy through Mindfulness Techniques

Hosted by North TX ALTA Chapter

 2 CEs

PART I: Reconnecting to the Present Moment 


Be ready to explore the science and benefits behind mindfulness and the brain. Learn to integrate mindfulness into your age-appropriate library activities with inspiring demonstrations from highly trained experts.


Participants will gain an understanding of mindfulness, identify the importance of its practice for children, learn how to incorporate mindfulness in programs, and receive additional resources on yoga and mindfulness to share with the community.

PART II: Rebalance and Recharge: Practical Ways Educators Can Practice Mindfulness 


Ready to learn practical ways to recharge and rebalance at work? This session helps set a path to work mindfully, by identifying the science and wellness-based benefits of mindfulness. Expect to participate in hands-on techniques to rebalance and recharge every day.


Participants will practice and perform a variety of formal and informal mindfulness techniques and be able to assess their wellbeing to formulate their own practical plan to practice mindfulness.



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