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REtiree MEMBERSHIP ApplicatioN


  • The retiree membership shall be open to individuals who have:
    • Been ALTA members in good standing for at least twenty (20) years, or 
    • Who have reached the age of sixty-five (65) and are no longer actively providing services for remuneration, and 
    • Have completed the Retiree Verification Form.
    • A member’s status as Retired will be reflected on her/his membership card.
    • Membership at this level requires the member to include the word “Retired” after their credentials. Ex. Jane Doe, M.Ed., CALT-QI (Retired)
    • Membership at the Retired level does not require annual Continuing Education (CEs). In some states, this may mean that the individual may no longer be licensed by the state as a Dyslexia Therapist/Practitioner.
    • Membership at the Retired level can be held for as long as annual fees are paid and the conditions herein are met.
    • A member at the Retired level may not vote or hold a position on the ALTA Board of Directors, but may serve on ALTA committees.


  • Annual membership fee of $35.

TO BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION, complete the Retiree Verification Form.

If you have additional questions about the Retiree Member level, contact us at (512) 488-9897 or email us at office@altaread.org.

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