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Guidelines for Sponsorship of Continuing Education

ALTA is the professional organization for all who are eligible to be registered as Certified Academic Language Therapists. The mission of ALTA is to establish, maintain, promote and strengthen standards to assure that Certified Academic Language Therapists will perform quality professional services for students with dyslexia and/or related disorders. Part of ALTA's standards include a requirement for continuing education units.

To apply for event approval as a Continuing Education sponsor, please complete the Application for Sponsoring Agency Group Event Approval Form

This form should be submitted to the ALTA Continuing Education committee at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event. Events will be advertised in the ALTA newsletter and/or website.

III. Sponsored Agency Guidelines

1.  A sponsoring agency shall be defined as an approved group, or in some cases, individuals who offer continuing education programs (events) in the form of lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, symposia, or webinars for continuing education and the benefit of ALTA.

2. A list of pre-approved sponsoring organizations can be found here. These pre-approved sponsors do not require event approval applications for CEH approval before attending. Attendance certificates can be uploaded while submitting the event on the members profile.

3. Sponsoring agencies, as well as specific event presenters being sponsored, must adhere to strict guidelines of the Academic Language Therapy Association. The material presented should be consistent with and encourage professional practice standards as set forth in the Academic Language Therapy Association Code of Ethics. Failure to do so will result in sponsorship revocation.

4.  Any event sponsored by an organization or individual that is NOT listed on the ALTA pre-approved sponsored list must apply at least 3 weeks in advance for CEH approval. Sponsors may not advertise approval for CEH credit until such approval has been granted in writing. Sponsors may, however, use the statement “Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) Continuing Education Hours (CEH) application submitted-pending approval” on event brochures and advertisements.

5.  The following are topics suggested as appropriate continuing education areas in the field of academic language therapy although other topics may apply as well:

  • Multisensory therapy strategies and procedures
  • Structured language approach the therapy practice
  • History of language and writing
  • Child language and cognitive development
  • Assessment and Diagnostic specific to Dyslexia and related disorders

  • Content topics: Reading: phonemic awareness, decoding,comprehension, etc.
    Writing: spelling, mechanics. Grammar, handwriting etc. Mathematics

  • Concomitant problems: ADD, ADHD, Motor Skills, Social Problems, Study Skills, Spoken English, Psychological

  • Assistive Technology

Information provided in the event should be researched based and current within the last 5 years.

6. Presenters of approved CEH events who are ALTA members will receive 2 continuing education hours per clock hour for the time that the applicant is presenting only and must adhere to the following guidelines:

a. CEHs are limited to one (1) presentation of the same topic.

b. The information presented must be based on current (within the last 5 years) and relevant research.

c. A bibliography and complete outline of each presentation are required as documentation. These documents should be submitted to the Continued Education Committee when submitting the Presenter CEH Approval Application. Applications must be submitted at least3 weeks in advance of the event. If the presentation is to be presented by more than one (1) person, each applicant must provide concise times for the delivery of content for which they are responsible. If there are multiple presenters, each presenter must apply for CEH separately.

d. The content must follow ALTA guidelines (see ALTA By-laws).

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