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ALTA Calendar

On the ALTA Calendar you will find a selection of pre-approved opportunities to earn continuing education. 

Pre-Approved CE Providers:

Pre-approved CE providers may not always have their events listed on the ALTA events calendar so be sure to visit their webpages for additional offerings. 

List of Pre-approved CE Providers

If you have an event that is not listed, you can request the CE Committee for approval towards CE. Complete one of the forms below a minimum of (2) weeks prior to the event date to request approval. 

Sponsoring Agency Group Event Approval Form 

If you are an agency or individual facilitating an event that takes the form(s) of webinars, lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, or symposia and meets the criteria as stated in the Guidelines for Sponsorship of Continuing Education, you’re encouraged to apply for Group Event approval.

Individual Event Application Form

Many members discover continuing education opportunities that may lack pre-approval, and do not appear as Group Events on the ALTA Calendar. In these cases, members may apply for CE credit by completing the Individual Event Application.

Calendar of Events:

Click the Title of an event to see more information, such as location, times, presenters, continuing education hours, etc.

    • 04/05/2021
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 04/23/2021
    • 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Virtual

    DTI's 5th Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference

    Event Name: DTI's 5th Annual Virtual Dyslexia Conference
    Sponsor: Dyslexia Training Institute
    Type: Continuing Education
    Chapter: N/A
    Contact Hours: 19
    Dates April 5 - 23, 2021 9:00AM - 5:00 PM PST
    Description: DTI's 5th Annual Dyslexia Conference provides workshops about dyslexia and topics related to helping students with dyslexia.
    Registration / More Info Link: N/A

    Dr. Nadine Gaab

    Dr. Shawn Robinson

    Dr. Peter Bowers

    Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley

    Sue Hegland

    Hilderbrand Pelzer III

    Peggy Stern

    Rachel Berger

    Joan Sedita

    Lindsay Biel

    Tracy Block-Zaretsky

    Justyn Beck

    $99.00 - $249.00


    Kelli Sandman-Hurley





    • 04/21/2021
    • 5:30 PM (CDT)
    • 04/29/2021
    • 8:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom

    Developing Metacognitive Skills

    Event Name: Developing Metacognitive Skills
    Sponsor: Tina Dolney
    Type: Continuing Education
    Chapter: South Texas Chapter
    Contact Hours: 12
    Dates / Times: April 21, 22, 28, and 29, 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM

    Developing Metacognitive Skills, a Neuhaus Education Center program, builds foundational skills for oral language, vocabulary, word knowledge, and working memory, and uses researchbased strategies to develop comprehension. DMS provides lessons and activities for developing vocabulary and metacognitive skills to reinforce decoding and fluency. This program, which is an excellent program for teachers teaching grades 3 through 8, focuses on three different levels:

    • Listening Comprehension

    • Transitional Metacognition

    • Guided Metacognition

    The lessons introduce strategies for understanding narrative text, expository text, poetry, and graphs. Manual and materials included. This class is a prerequisite for the Basic Language Skills Advanced Course.

    Registration / More Info Link: https://form.jotform.com/RawsonSaunders/DMS--



    Jamie Nettles, M.Ed., CALT-QI, LDT

    Perry Stokes, M.Ed., CALT-QI, LDT

    Cost: $565.00

    Tina Dolney


    Location: Remote via Zoom with Rawson Saunders Institute
    • 04/26/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom

    Tech Tools You Didn’t Know to Ask For

    Event Name: Tech Tools You Didn’t Know to Ask For
    Sponsor: Michelle Saltamachia
    Type: Continuing Education
    Chapter: North Texas ALTA Chapter
    Contact Hours: 2
    Dates / Times: April 26, 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    Description: Technology has the power to change the lives of kids with dyslexia and other learning differences! But if you don’t even know what tools are available, how would you know what to look for? In this interactive session, you will learn about several “can’t-do-without” websites and apps that will truly help make a difference for your students and their learning.
    Registration / More Info Link:

    Please email miss_mimi13@hotmail.com

    Presenter(s): Nancy Watson, MLS, M.Ed.
    Cost: $10.00

    Michelle Saltamachia


    Location: Zoom
    • 04/30/2021
    • 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • 05/01/2021
    • 2:00 PM (CDT)

    This year, as a part of ALTA’s 35th anniversary, ALTA will host a virtual conference taking place April 30th and May 1st. An expert lineup of speakers will address the topic of written expression and effective instruction for struggling students. Over this 2-day event, you will learn about the connections of oral language, handwriting, morphology, and spelling. ALTA will offer 10 CEs for this event.

    Why Attend:

    • Learn from experts about the latest research in the field of dyslexia
    • Hear from ALTA leadership regarding organizational updates
    • Network with other professionals and ALTA members
    • Connect with conference sponsors and see what they have to offer
    • Earn up to 10 continuing education (CE) hours

    Who Should Attend?
    Including, but not limited to:

    • ALTA members
    • Associated professionals
    • Teachers and school administrators
    • Parents interested in learning about effective intervention for students with dyslexia


    • Lydia H. Soifer, Ph.D., CCC/SLP
    • Kara Lee, M. ED., CALT-ICALP
    • Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Literacy Team:
      Vicki King, M.Ed., CALT-QI, Dyslexia Specialist
      Kathy Mascuilli, M.Ed., Literacy Program Administrator
      Sandy Shepard, Lead RISE Regional Specialist
    • Sue Hegland, Founder of Learning About Spelling
    • William Van Cleave, M.A.

    View conference FAQs

    Thank you to our generous conference sponsors!



    • 05/03/2021
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)
    • Shelton School Dallas, TX 75248

    Multisensory Grammar

    Event Name: Multisensory Grammar
    Sponsor: Tina Dolney
    Type: Continuing Education
    Chapter: South Texas Chapter
    Contact Hours: 3
    Dates / Times: Monday, May 3, 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM
    Description: The Multisensory Grammar Workshop offers a unique and imaginative format for the instruction of grammar, syntax, and composition. Participants learn multisensory ways to take this abstract idea and make it concrete, understandable, and fun. Participants also learn strategies to help students apply their knowledge of grammar into paragraph and multi-paragraph writing. Multisensory Grammar manual and materials are included. This workshop is a prerequisite for the Basic Language Skills Advanced Course.
    Registration / More Info Link: https://form.jotform.com/



    Jamie Nettles, M.Ed., CALT, LDT

    Kristie Beavers, M.Ed., CALT, LDT

    Cost: $185.00

    Tina Dolney


    Location: Remote via Zoom with Rawson Saunders Institute
    • 12/02/2021
    • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (CST)
    • ONLINE

    Annual Region 4 Dyslexia Virtual Conference

    Event Name: Annual Region 4 Dyslexia Virtual Conference
    Sponsor: Jan Cook
    Type: Continuing Education
    Chapter: Texas
    Contact Hours: 6
    Dates / Times: Thursday, December 2, 08:30 AM - 03:30 PM
    Description: This annual conference features various sessions in relation to dyslexia, including research, response to intervention, assessment, accommodations, legal issues, and much more. The goal of the conference is to bring current and practical information to a diverse audience of teachers, reading specialists, interventionists, speech language pathologists, diagnosticians, administrators, and others.
    Registration / More Info Link: https://www.escweb.net/tx_esc_04/catalog/session.aspx?&session_id=1368029
    Presenter(s): Various
    Cost: 150
    Contact: Jan Cook


    Region 4 Education Service Center

    7145 West Tidwell Rd

    Houston, TX 77092-2096

04/10/2021 Research Connections Discussion Group via Zoom
03/29/2021 Technology 101-Intro to Technology Tools for Virtual Therapy and Tutoring
03/27/2021 East Texas Region Zoom Event- How Data Drives your Instruction
03/25/2021 East Texas Region Zoom Event - How Data Drives Your Instruction
02/06/2021 ALTA-Live! AR Governmental Updates & Review of the 5 Components of Reading
02/05/2021 Dallas IDA Regional Conference
01/16/2021 Texas ALTA Summit 2021
12/03/2020 Annual Region 4 Dyslexia Virtual Conference
09/26/2020 9th Annual Helen Piehl Distinguished Lecture - Zoom Webinar
09/18/2020 Central Texas Dyslexia Conference
08/04/2020 2020 Children's Dyslexia Centers Conference
07/25/2020 ALTA Competency Exam Review
07/23/2020 25th Annual State Dyslexia Summer Institute
07/20/2020 The Intersection of Dyslexia & Dysgraphia – Evaluation and Identification
07/20/2020 Dyslexia Intervention Fundamentals with Reading by Design
07/20/2020 (copy) The Intersection of Dyslexia & Dysgraphia – Evaluation and Identification
07/20/2020 NOBIDA Virtual Summer Webinar Series 2020
07/18/2020 Reading Readiness
07/15/2020 Dyslexia Program Region 10 SVL - Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the Regular Education Classroom with Empowering Strategies and Accommodations to Build Independence and Confidence. (Part B)
07/14/2020 Dyslexia Program Region10 SVL - Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the Regular Education Classroom through Mindfulness and Social Emotional Empowerment (Part A)
07/10/2020 The Reading League Oklahoma Chapter - Simple View of Reading with Linda Farrell and Michael Hunter
06/27/2020 ALTA Competency Exam Review
06/25/2020 Putting the Pieces Together: Solving the Writing Puzzle for Struggling Writers
06/24/2020 Multisensory Math: Hands-On Instruction and Instructional Language for Teaching All Kinds of Learners
06/20/2020 Reading Readiness
06/16/2020 Magnificent Morphemes: Advanced Word Study for Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School
06/16/2020 ADE Summit 2020
06/15/2020 DuBard Association Method Basic Course (5 day format)
06/10/2020 Texas Dyslexia Update - Sponsored by Region 18 Special Education Department
06/09/2020 Dyslexia Training
06/08/2020 Guaranteed No Stress Guide to The Dyslexia Handbook
06/08/2020 Reading by Design
06/05/2020 Spotlight on Dyslexia
06/02/2020 Bright Line Min: Foundations of Positive Psychology
06/02/2020 From Words to Works
06/01/2020 Bridge to Basic Language Skills
06/01/2020 DuBard Association Method Basic Course
05/30/2020 ALTA Competency Exam Review
05/29/2020 Virtual Alphabetic Phonics: Multisensory & Effective
05/27/2020 MTA Advanced Retraining
05/25/2020 Does Background Knowledge Matter?
05/25/2020 Using Vocabulary Instruction to Improve Reading Comprehension
05/16/2020 ALTA 34th Annual Conference Highlights 2020
05/16/2020 Reading Readiness
05/09/2020 Reading Readiness
05/06/2020 Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia
05/06/2020 Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia
05/04/2020 Living Successfully with Learning Differences
05/02/2020 Multisensory Grammar
05/02/2020 Language Skills and Learning to Read: Making Links between Research and Practice
04/28/2020 From Words to Works
04/25/2020 Research Connections
04/25/2020 Wisconsin IDA Spring Conference
04/23/2020 Assistive Technology Devices for Dyslexia
04/22/2020 Developing Metacognitive Skills
04/21/2020 East Texas Region Education Event
04/21/2020 Lenox M. Reed Seminar
04/20/2020 4th Annual Dyslexia Virtual Conference
04/20/2020 Identification and Assessment of Dyslexia
04/15/2020 Chapter 3 Oral Language Development and Its Relationship to Literacy
04/14/2020 Untangling the Science of Reading - Connecting Practice to Research
04/13/2020 Bounce Back- Building Resilience in Children and Teens
04/13/2020 Action Research
04/06/2020 How Can I Help My Child with Handwriting
04/04/2020 Composition
04/04/2020 Dyslexia Law
04/04/2020 Multi-sensory Study Skills & the ADHD Child
04/04/2020 TN-IDA RISE Conference
04/02/2020 Dyslexia Teacher County Connection V
03/31/2020 Dyslexia Teacher County Connection IV
03/31/2020 Dysgraphia: What is it? How to assess? What's next?
03/28/2020 Wasatch Reading Summit Spring Seminar w/ David Kilpatrick and Louisa Moats
03/28/2020 Climbing the Ladder of Reading; Finding Success for ALL Learners
03/25/2020 Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT-5) Test Administration (1-12) Dyslexia Program
03/25/2020 Dyslexia Teacher County Connection III
03/24/2020 Using the Strengths of Dyslexia to Teach Vocabulary
03/23/2020 PAL-II Test Kit Training for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Evaluations
03/21/2020 Fox Reading Conference
03/20/2020 Strategies for Teaching Students with Dyslexia
03/19/2020 The Intersection of Dyslexia, 504, and Special Education
03/19/2020 The Intersection of Dyslexia, 504, and Special Education
03/09/2020 Empowering Students with Dyslexia with Windows 10 and Office 365
03/09/2020 Rocky Mountain Leadership Forum on Dyslexia
03/09/2020 8th Annual Research to Practice Symposium, The Role of Resiliency in the Classroom
03/07/2020 Saturday Series with Dr. Cheryl Chase
03/05/2020 Dyslexia Teacher County Connection II
03/05/2020 Alabama LETRS Cohort 1 Elementary Unit 8
03/03/2020 Statewide Evaluation Personnel Conference
03/03/2020 Dyslexia Teacher County Connection I
03/02/2020 The Emotional Side of Dyslexia and ADHD
02/29/2020 Fluency and Comprehension
02/29/2020 ALTA Ohio Chapter 2020 Conference: What's Happening with OG in OH?
02/28/2020 31st Annual Symposium: Structured Literacy for All
02/28/2020 MTA Kit 3-Therapist Retraining follow up seminar
02/28/2020 Research, Race & Remediation
02/25/2020 Multi-sensory Grammar Instruction
02/25/2020 Dyslexia Program - State Dyslexia Handbook Overview
02/24/2020 How to Become a Vocabulary Virtuoso
02/22/2020 HBIDA Spring Conference
02/21/2020 Dyslexia Southwest 2020: Annual SWIDA Conference
02/21/2020 Supporting Struggling Readers
02/20/2020 Update on Reading by Design (Formally known as the Dyslexia Intervention Program – D.I.P.)
02/18/2020 Dyslexia Program - Dyslexia Mentor Sponsor Training
02/18/2020 Dyslexia Program - General Education Classroom Strategies for Students with Dyslexia
02/18/2020 Dysgraphia 101
02/15/2020 Research Connections
02/15/2020 ALTA Training, Fluency, and Word Study
02/15/2020 2nd Annual GISD Dyslexia Symposium
02/14/2020 The World of Expectations: What we have learned about our children's difference & how can we help our children & adults shine
02/14/2020 Best Practices for Teaching Handwriting to Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia and Words with Spelling Connections Have Meaning Connections
02/14/2020 Dysgraphia Day 2
02/10/2020 Dyslexia Program - Evaluating for Dyslexia: The Diagnosticians Perspective
02/08/2020 Favorite Things: Games and Supplies to Supplement MSLE & Legislation/Governmental Updates
02/07/2020 Spark the Change
02/06/2020 Math, Science, Social Studies
02/06/2020 My Child is Struggling with Math! Could it be Dyscalculia?
02/06/2020 Liven Up Your Students' Sentences with Grammar Instruction
02/04/2020 Dyslexia Coordinators' Roundtable
02/04/2020 47th Everyone Reading Conference on Dyslexia and Related Learning Disabilities
02/03/2020 My Child is Struggling with Math! Could it be Dyscalculia?
02/03/2020 International Dyslexia Association Central Ohio First Annual Ohio Summit on Dyslexia
02/01/2020 Auditory Processing Disorder Workshop
02/01/2020 Does Background Knowledge Matter?
01/31/2020 Courage to Risk Day One: A Collaborative Conference for Special Education
01/30/2020 Seeking Solutions: Is It Dyslexia?
01/28/2020 Refresh, Refine, Renew Your Basic Language Skills
01/25/2020 Utilizing Storybooks to Enhance Language Development
01/25/2020 ALTA Competency Exam for MSLE
01/25/2020 Morphology
01/25/2020 Phonological Awareness/Oral Language Development
01/24/2020 Bridge to Basic Language Skills Course - Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14, and Feb 21, 2020
01/24/2020 30th Annual Winston Learning Symposium
01/23/2020 Developing Metacognitive Skills
01/23/2020 Scientific Spelling
01/21/2020 Legal Updates on Dyslexia
01/18/2020 Texas ALTA Summit
01/15/2020 Dysgraphia: How to Assess and Identify
01/15/2020 SE Literacy Facilitation
01/13/2020 Equipped for Reading Success - Book Study
01/11/2020 Pre-Flight Workshop - An Introduction for Young Students to Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia
01/11/2020 History of Language
01/10/2020 Executive Function & Metacognitive Awareness: Strategies for Success
01/09/2020 Experience Dyslexia
01/07/2020 Assessment and Identification of Dyslexia
01/07/2020 Assessment and Identification of Dyslexia
01/06/2020 Reading Readiness

Upcoming Approved Events:

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