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Continuing Education Provider Group Event Approval Form

If you are an agency or individual facilitating an event that takes the form(s) of webinars, lectures, courses, seminars, workshops, or symposia and meets the criteria as stated in the Guidelines for Providers of Continuing Education, you’re encouraged to apply for Group Event approval. You can also view a list of pre-approved continuing education providers here.

Individual Event Application Form

Many members discover continuing education opportunities that may lack prior approval, and do not appear on the ALTA Calendar. In these cases, members may apply for Individual Event CE credit by completing the Individual Event Application. You can also view a list of pre-approved CE providers here.

Presenter Application Form

If you are facilitating an event or presentation, you may earn Presentation CE hours. Presenters will receive one (1) extra hour per hour submitted. Members may receive credit only once per presentation.  

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